Common Home Remedies Ghrelo Totkay 2

Put some long (لونگ) and dry Neem Leaves in your home cupboard it will help to safe your cloths and bed from bad smell & insects.

Before sleeping switch on blue light in your room than mosquito will not enter.

If you wanted to remove the stain of perfume from your cloth then wash it with Argol (Tatri).

For re moving the blood spot from cloth dip it in cold water & wash then use boric acid or ammonia and glycerin on the spot area and iron the cloth just after 10 mints. It will help for removing blood spot from cloth.

To remove the smell of shoes sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes at night. The smell of shoes will remove in the morning.

If you wanted to loose your tight shoes then put hot water’s wetted Falalen’s Cloth in the shoes at night and in the morning your tight shoes will be Loosen!