Home made easy solution of Hair fall in Urdu

Men and women have faced hair dry and falling hair problems. Different shampoos are available in market, but their use is often not so good.

From a long time, a lot of hair Home remedies are used most commonly used soapnut, Amla and Henna etc. Mustard and coconut oil are also in use to black and strong hair. Usually I find a very useful tip, put two spoonful fenugreek seed into pure mustard oil and put two tablespoons nigella seeds. Let it be kept for two days. Massage your head every night with this oil, and wash your head well in morning. Very useful home remedy desi totka for all the problems of hairs.

Take two capsules vitamin E and ten drops of rosemary and put ten drops of lemon oil (essential oil) in the common shampoo. Now do light massage for 10 minutes and leave for 10 minutes and wash your head with warm water, you see that your hair fall off.